E.I. Medical Imaging Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

E.I. Medical Imaging, a leading manufacturer of portable ultrasound systems for veterinary use, announced today it has received certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Previously certified to ISO 9001:2008, E.I. Medical Imaging (EIMI) has been re-certified to the new ISO:2015 standard. This further underscores EIMI's commitment to providing the highest level of product and service to our veterinary customers worldwide.

"We felt it was important to certify our company to the most recent ISO standard possible," states Charles Maloy, President of EIMI. "Migration from one standard to another is no trivial task, but we wanted to ensure that we were in compliance with the most up to date ISO standard possible."

About E.I. Medical Imaging

E.I. Medical Imaging was founded in 1984 based on the singular vision of developing state-of-the-art, portable, durable ultrasound systems to serve veterinarians and livestock producers worldwide. Over the company's 30+ year history, E.I. Medical Imaging products have evolved with the needs of the market. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of portable ultrasound systems engineered and developed in the United States specifically for the animal industry. If you have questions, feel free to contact E.I. Medical Imaging at info@eimedical.com.

Source: E.I. Medical Imaging


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