E.I. Medical Imaging Introduces EVOStream™ for Live Streaming of Ultrasound Images

PRODUCT IMAGE - E.I. Medical Imaging announces release of EVOStream

E.I. Medical Imaging introduces EVOStream for live streaming of ultrasound images.

E.I. Medical Imaging® (EIMI), a worldwide leader in portable ultrasound technology and the only U.S.-based manufacturer of portable veterinary ultrasound systems designed specifically for veterinary use, today announced the release of EVOStream™​- the wireless technology that allows users to view live ultrasound images on mobile devices.

“With the release of EVOStream, users can now view live ultrasound on ubiquitous mobile devices,” said Charles Maloy, President of E.I. Medical Imaging. “Whether it be for training purposes, or clients wanting to see what was happening with their own animals from a safe distance, EVOStream is really a revolutionary tool for the veterinary practitioner.” says Maloy.

Developed exclusively for veterinary needs based on intensive engineering research and input from veterinarians and industry leaders, E.I. Medical Imaging ultrasound products are designed for veterinary use only- in a variety of environments.  This EVOStream technology is made available to users on EIMI's EVO ultrasound platform running either iOS or Android powered mobile devices. 

EVOStream is a product that was developed based on customer requests and feedback.  For some time now, customers have been looking for a simple and efficient way to monitor live scanning from a distance. The applications for this technology are endless.  Several universities have already implemented EVOStream in conjunction with large displays in both outdoor and indoor environments for a wider viewing audience.  "This is exciting for EIMI to see all of the different ways customers are looking to use this technology to their benefit," says Maloy. 

For more information, contact EIMI Marketing, at 1-866-365-6596 or visit www.eimedical.com.  

E.I. Medical Imaging®, a world leader in veterinary diagnostic ultrasound for over 30 years, provides versatile, portable systems designed for use in all environments.

Source: E.I. Medical Imaging®