E.I. Medical Imaging Announces Release of Software Update for Ibex® EVO® Ultrasound System


E.I. Medical Imaging, a leading company manufacturing portable ultrasound systems for veterinary use announced today the the release of the firmware update for the Ibex® EVO® ultrasound system.

E.I. Medical Imaging (EIMI), a worldwide leader in portable ultrasound systems for veterinary use today announced the release of the firmware update for the Ibex® EVO® ultrasound system. The update (version is available now for download for EVO® customers free of charge from E.I. Medical Imaging via the company website.  This update underscores EIMI’s commitment to customer feedback and product evolution. President Charles Maloy states, “We will continue to provide our customers firmware updates free of charge to improve the EVO system and to enhance our customer experience of our systems through their feedback. We take each of their suggestions into consideration.”

To download, simply navigate to the firmware download page located at http://learn.eimedical.com/ibex-evo-firmware-update​.  Submit the form for instructions and a downloadable file. 

EVO® firmware update includes the following research and development changes as well as customer requested enhancements from previous firmware releases:

  • Significant image resolution and quality enhancements on all transducers
  • Enhanced functionality- various modes
  • Support for C6E transducer
  • Refined patient archival capabilities
  • EVOStream™ enhancements
  • Enhanced workflow processes
  • User Interface improvements 
  • Minor software maturity and stability improvements

About E.I. Medical Imaging

E.I. Medical Imaging was founded in 1984 based on the singular vision of developing state-of-the-art, portable, durable ultrasound systems to serve veterinarians and livestock producers world-wide. Over the company’s 30-year history, E.I. Medical Imaging products have evolved with the needs of the market. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of portable ultrasound systems engineered and developed in the United States specifically for the animal industry.  If you have questions, feel free to contact E.I. Medical Imaging at info@eimedical.com.

Source: E.I. Medical Imaging


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